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How to register

To register for a Centre for Teaching Excellence workshop, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit MyHRinfo.
  2. Type in your User ID and Password, then click "Sign in."
  3. Click "Self Service," then "Learning and Development," and then "Request Training Enrollment."
  4. Click "Search by Course Number."
  5. Type "CTE" into the Course Number window, and click "Search." Then find the course you are interested in, and then click "View Available Sessions."
  6. Choose a date that works for you, and then click the corresponding Session number.
  7. Review the details. If everything looks fine, click "Continue."
  8. Add any relevant comments (e.g. special needs), then click "Submit."
  9. Click "OK," and that's it. You'll also receive a confirmation by email.


To cancel a registration:

  • Faculty Members should contact Verna Keller by email at or (ext. 33857).
  • Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows should contact Monika Soczewinski by email at (ext. 33132).

Faculty events are numbered from 505 to 999; events for Grad Students are numbered from 001 to 499; events for Postdoctoral Fellows are numbered 196, 500, 501, 502, 503, and 504.

The foregoing instructions are repeated below with screenshots.

Registration step 1 login to myHRinfo.

Registration step 2 navigate menu options a) self service b) learning and development c) request training enrollment.

Registration step 3 use search by course number link.

Registration step 4 put CTE into the course number window and search then use view available sessions link for desired course.

Registration step 5 choose a date and use the link for that row in the session column.

Registration step 6 review the details and use the continue button if everything looks fine.

Registration step 7 add any relevant comments (special needs for example) and use the submit button.

Registration step 8 use the ok button and that's it, you'll recieve confirmation by email.

Calendar icon Note that when you click on an event, a calendar icon (like the one at the beginning of this sentence) appears beside the event title. Clicking this icon will allow you to add the event to your Outlook Calendar. You must still, however, register for the event. 

Additionally, if you subscribe to the RSS feed for our events, you will be automatically alerted when we add new events. 

Faculty & Instructor events

All full-time and part-time faculty, instructors, teaching staff and postdoctoral fellows are welcome to attend these events, unless otherwise noted (for example, some events are just for New Faculty or another specified group).

Register through myHRinfo unless indicated otherwise.