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Measuring the value of including experiential opportunities as part of a blended learning continuing professional development program for prospective providers of anticoagulation services

Grant recipients and project team: 

Jeff Nagge, School of Pharmacy

Sherilyn Houle, School of Pharmacy

Rosemary Killeen, School of Pharmacy

Cynthia L. Richard, School of Pharmacy

Marie Lippens​, Centre for Extended Learning 

Jeff Nagge and project team

(Project timeline: September 2017 - August 2018)


Anticoagulation therapy is commonly used by individuals who have an elevated risk of death or disability from blood clots.  The most commonly used anticoagulant in out-patient settings in Canada is warfarin.  Warfarin is a very effective anticoagulant, but it can be difficult for clinicians to manage as there are several drug, disease, and lifestyle interactions that may require warfarin dosage modifications. In 2007, a blended learning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course was launched in partnership between the School of Pharmacy and the Centre for Extended Learning.  The Management of Oral Anticoagulation Therapy (MOAT) course was developed for practicing pharmacists, nurses and nurse practitioners who wanted to provide anticoagulation services in community settings.  The course is delivered by combining self-paced, online learning with experiential training opportunities during which learners apply their knowledge in an actual anticoagulation clinic with real patients under the supervision of a clinical expert.  To date, nearly 250 clinicians have completed the course.

The primary purpose of this project is to measure the value of including practical experience under expert supervision in a continuing education program designed to prepare health care professionals to provide anticoagulation management services.  The results will inform the developers of both CPD programs and courses for the undergraduate and graduate curricula at the School of Pharmacy and the broader University of Waterloo community.


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