Tuesday, April 19, 2022


CTE joins the rest of our Waterloo community in congratulating the recipients of the 2022 Distinguished Teacher Award and the 2022 Amit & Meena Chakma Awards for Exceptional Teaching by a Student. They are: 

Distinguished Teacher Award
  • Upkar Arora, School of Accounting and Finance
    Upkar's award citation notes that he "embraces a student centric mindset to create the conditions for active participation, reflection, curiosity and continuous learning by students, in and out of the classroom. His students admire his willingness to challenge them in the inclusive, interactive and innovative seminar series: Success Beyond the Classroom." Upkar's complete award citation is here. 
  • Paul McKone, Department of Knowledge Integration
    Paul's award citation notes that "his teaching style embodies experiential learning methods at the University of Waterloo and utilizes hands-on learning, lively discussions, and collaborative projects to engage students.  He uses his eclectic background to create innovative course projects that engage students in real-world thinking—like an environmental design project for which students proposed designs to complement the new light rail system through Waterloo Park." Paul's complete award citation is here.
Amit & Meena Chakma Awards for Exceptional Teaching by a Student
  • Justin Shmordok, Department of Chemistry
    In his award citation, one of Justin's students remarks that "Justin finds that balance by validating our struggles, personally and academically, while still creating an environment where he challenges us to do our best.” Justin's complete award citation is here
  • Sanaz Saadatmand Hashemi, Department of Systems Design Engineering
    In her award citation, on of Sanaz's student remarks that “Sanaz’s efforts, approachable nature, and supportive attitude made the course and its content that much easier to absorb.” Sanaz's complete award citation is here. 
  • Urja Nandivada, Department of Physics and Astronomy
    Urja's award citation notes that "Urja makes the classroom environment feel welcoming, inclusive, and comfortable for students to learn new concepts.  She has a positive attitude towards student development, and she assists learners in understanding the process of arriving at answers rather than providing them on the spot." Urja's complete award citation is here. 
  • Urszula Pasterkiewicz, School of Public Health Sciences
    In her award citation, one of Urszula's students comments that she "has invested so much time in considering students’ health and well-being," while another student notes that she is “always open to listening to our input and giving us constructive criticism and encouragement to put out the best work.” Urszula's complete award citation is here.