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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

ePortfolios at the University of Waterloo: A Teaching and Learning Story

Black and white image of students lined up in a gym

When I was an undergraduate student, there was no Internet. We lined up to register for courses in a hot gym. I went to class, researched and wrote papers, studied for exams, passed x courses with a minimum grade of y to receive z credits in return for a diploma. After it was over, I didn’t look back.

Perhaps that’s still the perspective new students have when they approach the University of Waterloo for the first time: What do I have to do to get my diploma? The answer, they’ll find out, is that they still have to navigate their way through a series of classes, coursework, exams, and maybe co-op placements and volunteer opportunities.

What has changed is the technology that’s available to help them make meaning of their experiences as a university student. But I’m getting ahead of myself, because it’s not really about the technology.

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