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Caelan Wang

Graduate Educational Developer

Cathy WangEmail: caelan.wang@uwaterloo.ca
Office: EC3 2012B
Pronouns: he/she/ze

Caelan is a PhD candidate at the Department of Combinatorics and Optimization, under the Faculty of Mathematics. With a strong passion in education, she has been serving as a teaching assistant for over seven years. During this time, she gained a great amount of teaching experience, both leading group sessions and helping students one-on-one. She successfully completed the Fundamentals of University Teaching (Fundamentals) program and the Certificate in University Teaching (CUT) program offered by the CTE, with the CUT research project being "Teaching International and Multilingual Students".

One of Caelan's main interests is to improve the current teaching styles in STEM fields so that the learning process becomes more comprehensive. Caelan is very excited to help fellow graduate students to make their teaching more interactive and student-focused. She believes creating a community in the classroom would greatly improve the learning of students.

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