CTE has temporarily relocated to East Campus 3 (EC3). We will continue to offer our regular programs and services from our temporary offices and workshop locations.

Co-op Students profiles

Brianna Bennett

Co-op Student

Email: ctecoop3@uwaterloo.ca
Office: EC3 2012E

Zurie Campbell

Co-op Student

Email: ctecoop2@uwaterloo.ca
Office: EC3 2012G
Pronouns: her/she

Maggie Nguyen

Co-op Student

Email: ctecoop1@uwaterloo.ca
Office: EC3 2027C
Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 33353
Pronouns: they/them/she/her

Sarah Vu Nguyen

Co-op Student

Email: ctecoop@uwaterloo.ca
Office: EC3 2012H
Pronouns: she/her