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Christine Zaza

Faculty Liaison: Applied Health Sciences, Psychology, Sociology & Legal Studies, and Support Units

Christine ZazaEmail:
Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 37808
Office: BMH 2110

As a Centre for Teaching Excellence Faculty Liaison for the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences (AHS), Arts (Psychology, Sociology, and Legal Studies), and Support Units, Dr. Christine Zaza facilitates the uptake of teaching and learning initiatives established by  CTE, emphasizing blended learning, learning technologies and course design. Christine helps instructors integrate technology into their teaching through innovative learning activities in our learning management system (LEARN). She also serves as a guide for instructors who wish to access other CTE resources. 

Prior to joining CTE, Christine worked as an Online Learning Consultant with the Centre for Extended Learning.  She taught in the Department of Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) for seven years, and also worked as a Learning Strategist and Academic Support Program Assistant in Learning Services at WLU.

Christine completed her PhD in Health Studies and Gerontology in AHS at the University of Waterloo and has also taught courses in AHS. She completed postdoctoral research on chronic cancer pain management and coping with Fellowship funding from the Medical Research Council of Canada as well as the National Cancer Institute of Canada. 

When she isn’t working, Christine enjoys spending time with her husband and their two wonderful children.

Recent Presentations:

Zaza, C. & Holbrook, J.  Decreasing Social Distance in Online Courses and Large Classes.  Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, June, 2016.

Zaza, C. & Holbrook, J.  Using Technology to Create Community in the Virtual and Physical Classroom.  CAUCE-CNIE Conference, May, 2016.

McKenzie, A., & Zaza, C.  Turnitin or Tune it Out?  International Academic Integrity Conference, New Mexico, February, 2016.

Zaza, C. & Brannon-Hamilton, M. “Learning Strategies for Students in Blended and Online Environments” to the Learning Specialists Association of Canada 2015 National Conference, May, 2015. 

Zaza, C. & Peariso, R. Academic Integrity in Assessments: Whose Responsibility Is It?  Opportunities and New Directions Conference, University of Waterloo, (Panel Discussion with Stephane Hamade, Barb Moffatt,  Amanda McKenzie, and Rudy Peariso), Waterloo, May 1, 2014.

Zaza, C.  The Impact of Technology on Teaching and Learning.  2013 National Conference, Learning Specialists Association of Canada (Panel Presentation) Vancouver, 2013.

Lisetto-Smith. M. & Zaza, C.  Embedding Learning Strategies into First Year University Courses:  A Tale of Two Models.  2013 National Conference, Learning Specialists Association of Canada (Workshop), Vancouver, 2013.

Grants and Awards:

Co-recipient of a Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement (LITE) Seed Grant for the project “Using CBPR to Examine Technology-Related Distractions in the AHS Classroom”.

University of Waterloo