TA Workshop Facilitator (Graduate Student)

Email: escamero@uwaterloo.ca
Pronouns: she/her

Ellen CameronEllen is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biology and Collaborative Water Program studying cyanobacteria communities in lakes. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Waterloo and holds a Masters’ degree in Molecular Science from Ryerson University. Ellen began her teaching career during her Master’s degree as a laboratory teaching assistant. She has teaching experience both in the laboratory and in a traditional classroom as she has facilitated tutorials and delivered guest lectures.

Ellen is very interested in TA training and ensuring that teaching assistants receive the proper training, guidance, and support they need. In the past, she has assisted in the organization of the Department of Biology TA Workshop and has served as a TA mentor at the workshop to new TAs. Ellen is very excited to join the CTE as a TA Workshop Facilitator to have the opportunity to share her own teaching experiences with other graduate students and to continue to improve her own teaching skills. In her free time, she likes to explore parks and trails with her dog Freddie.

University of Waterloo