TA Workshop Facilitator (Graduate Student)

Email: hm2reid@uwaterloo.ca
Pronouns: she/her

Hayley ReidHayley is a PhD student in the Department of Pure Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics. Her research interests are in the fields of Diophantine Geometry and Algebraic Number Theory. Hayley has over 4 years of teaching experience as a Teaching Assistant for more than 10 different Mathematics courses and has had many opportunities to guest lecture since arriving at the University of Waterloo in 2018. She has completed the Fundamentals of University Teaching program offered by the CTE, as well as the Math Faculty Graduate Teaching Seminar.

Hayley is passionate about teaching and thrives at the front of the classroom. She is very excited to be able to share her experiences and passion with other TA's through the facilitation of Fundamentals workshops. In her spare time, Hayley enjoys reading, playing board games with friends, and rock climbing.

University of Waterloo