Every year, CTE delivers over 200 workshops that garner nearly 3000 registrations. We want those workshops to be as effective and well-attended as possible, so if you've registered for one, please read the following:

  1. Most (but not all) of our workshops and sessions ask that you register in advance. This helps us ensure that the room capacity is appropriate, that we have created enough handouts, and (for some sessions) that we've ordered enough coffee and snacks! 
  2. Many of our workshops have waiting lists, so if you've registered but can't attend, please let us know so that we can give your spot to someone else
    1. If the session is a "faculty and staff" session (i.e. the session has a code higher than 600), then email Verna Keller.
    2. If you are a postdoctoral fellow or a graduate student and the session is part of the CUT Program or FUT program (i.e. the session has a code lower than 600), then email Monika Soczewinski.
  3. Some of our workshops for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the CUT and FUT programs require participants to attend the workshop from start to finish: individuals arriving late won't be allowed into the room, and individuals who leave early won't receive credit for the workshop toward their certificate. In such cases, the graduate student is welcome to register for a later offering of that workshop. 
  4. If you'd like more information about a topic than was provided in a workshop, or want help implementing it in one of your courses, you are always welcome to contact the CTE staff members who facilitated the workshop.
  5. If there is a topic that you would like us to devote a workshop to, let us know! One of our goals is to be responsive to your needs.

If you have any questions about our workshop programming in general, or suggestions for new sessions on specific topics, please contact:

  • Trevor Holmes (for workshops for faculty and staff — that is, workshops with a session code higher than 600)
  • Svitlana Taraban Gordon (for workshops for graduate students — that is, workshops with a session code lower than 600)