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Educational technologies

Person typing on a computer keyboard.CTE's Teaching Tips includes many tips on educational technologies such as clickers, wikis, concept mapping tools, Twitter, screencasts, and many more. You can access that subset of educational technology tip sheets here

Additionally, our ever-evolving technology solutions page identifies a number of common instructional challenges (such as, "My students come to class unprepared") and proposes technologies that can help to resolve each challenge. 

Learn more by contacting Dr. Mark Morton (Senior Instructional Developer, New Educational Technologies)

More resources

Educational Technologies Tip Sheets. Numerous CTE Tip Sheets that explain how to implement educational technologies effectively. 

Ancillary Fees. What fees can be required of students for online resources, field trips, and more. 

Technology Solutions. A list of common instructional challenges along with educational technologies that can solve them. 

CTE's Facebook Page. Join 550+ people who have "liked" our Facebook page and get automatically updated about new resources. 

CTE's Twitter Timeline. You can find teaching resources discovered by CTE staff by following them @uwcte. 

CTE's Diigo Group. Diigo is a social bookmarking tool where you can browse the resources that CTE has added, or search for specific ones by key words. 

Learning Listserv. Join the 250 other Staff and Faculty at Waterloo who receive an email once every two weeks informing them about new educational technologies. Fill out the online form to be added.