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As of July 30, 2018, CTE will be temporarily relocated to East Campus 3 (EC3). We look forward to continuing to serve our campus community by offering our regular programs and services from our temporary offices and workshop locations. More information about the move can be found on our location page.  

Fall 2018 Graduate Supervision Series application

Registration for Fall 2018 is now open. Questions can be directed to Trevor Holmes at CTE ext. 33408 or

Day One: Friday, Sep 28, 2018 (CTE801, 802, 803)

Day Two: Friday, Oct 19, 2018 (CTE804, 805, 806)

Preamble: We are once again holding the workshops across two full days, both of which must be completed in order to satisfy one of the options for demonstrating appropriate supervisory experience to qualify for ADDS status. We intend to offer these again in Winter 2019. In order to assist us with priority places, please share any pertinent information with us in the “Other” field on the form.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

STEM or HUM/SOC * (required)
For parts of the workshops that are somewhat more discipline-specific, please identify whether you see your anticipated doctoral supervision work as falling into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) or Humanities and Social Sciences (HUM/SOC). If your supervision will cross these boundaries, check both boxes.
To help us design workshops that are most useful to you, please share with us what you consider your most immediate concerns, challenges, and/or interests in your doctoral supervision(s).
Can you attend all workshops on both days? * (required)
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