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The elevator in Environment 1 (EV1) is shut down for maintenance from April 23 to June 5, 2018. During this time, the only way to access CTE’s offices on the third floor of EV1 is by the stairs. We are happy to arrange an alternative meeting place for CTE meetings if requested. For directions to our workshop spaces (EV1 241 and 242) via the elevator in EV3, please visit our Location page. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

Focus on Teaching Week

Held each October, the midpoint between our annual UW Teaching and Learning conferences, Focus on Teaching Week brings together core workshops, new approaches, and guest speakers. Typically, the week begins with our full-day Course Design Fundamentals. CTE staff then collaborate with Waterloo faculty and graduate students to present on topics such as integrative learning, workplace learning, assessment, high impact practices, and active learning. In 2017, for example, we offered the following 9 workshops and events to 85 faculty, staff, and graduate students:

  • CTE642 Course Design Fundamentals
  • CTE778 Feedback Primer
  • CTE779 Accessibility in Teaching and Learning
  • CTE245 Writing Assignment Feedback
  • CTE780 Can a Team Member Fail?
  • CTE781 What is Problem Based Learning?
  • CTE740 This is Problem Based Learning
  • CTE782 Writing Effective Multiple Choice Questions
  • CTE763 PLLO Assessment Learning Community: Signature Assessments