Presently, the project is in phase one, categorized as the evaluation and needs assessment stage. To date, the following tasks have been completed and summarized:

Activities currently in progress include:

  • Key informant interviews with provincial & international organizations
  • Focus groups and interviews with workplace stakeholder
  • Establish medium sized business' needs and best practices for MSD prevention
  • Web-based survey of stakeholders' needs and experience 

Given the wide range of workplace stakeholders and sectors, there will likely be no one-size-fits-all document. We plan to identify key audiences, such as small business owners, workers, supervisors, joint health and safety committees, managers, and technical staff, and tailor specific materials for each group.

Later steps will feature:

  • Formal assessment of content for the new guide
  • Testing of the content and draft materials in workplaces, by means of interviews and online feedback
  • Prepare final content for the new guide and produce selected sample material