Vision, mission, and core programs

Collaboration in the CPA


The Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement (CPA) aspires to attract peace innovators; to be a state of the art academic hub that incubates and advances collaborative, inter-disciplinary, multi-sector peacemaking.


The CPA advances expansive and innovative understandings and practices of peace locally and globally by promoting collaboration among its peace partners in ways that seek wisdom, nurture faith and serve church and society.

Core programs

  1. Research – bringing together academics and practitioners for reflection and analysis that has the potential to inform or give rise to new projects, approaches, and publications; there is an abundance of expertise and opportunity in the realm of peacemaking waiting to be bridged.
  2. Incubation – building the capacity of Epp Peace Incubator members by convening learning processes focused on shared challenges or opportunities to advance new ideas, initiatives, and organizations; providing working space is just be the beginning.
  3. Community engagement – bringing CPA participants together with individuals and groups from beyond Grebel to enhance the potential for mutual learning and shared action; engagement needs to be a two-way street.