Who we are

 Katie GingerichKatie Gingerich
Executive Director

The Ripple Effect Education (TREE) develops and facilitates vibrant skill-based programs and workshops to give youth the tools they need to resolve conflict in healthy and independent ways.

TREE programs are the initial drop in a life-long ripple effect of self-awareness, healthy conflict resolution, and empathy. The social-emotional skills youth build in our workshops grow to transform their classrooms, friendships, families, and future as citizens and leaders.

Since 2016, TREE has supported youth by equipping them with conflict resolution tools that allow them to support their classmates with empathy and problem-solve respectfully.

In addition to working with students, TREE supports teachers and families with resources and trainings to equip them with the tools to foster social-emotional learning in their classroom and at home.

Our fun, curriculum-integrated programs invite youth to practice the skills they’re learning with our experienced facilitation team, allowing classrooms and community groups to create a culture of belonging, understanding and respect.

Our lessons are rooted in these four foundational concepts:

  • Principles of Peace: Exploring concepts of peace and guiding students through practical skills for peace making
  • Principles of Conflict: Defining and analysing conflict for tools to transforms conflict into healthy and constructive situations with peers
  • Relationship with Yourself: Cultivating the ability to manage emotions through mindfulness and self-awareness strategies
  • Relationship with Others: Developing skills to relate and co-exist well with peers, family and their community

TREEThe Ripple Effect Education, has, since its founding in 2016, been affiliated with  Conrad Grebel University College at the University of Waterloo. TREE is an alumnus of the Grebel Peace Incubator program.

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