Epp Peace Incubator

Located in a city with a vibrant and ever-growing social innovation scene, and situated in the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement (CPA) on the University of Waterloo campus, the Epp Peace Incubator offers peace-related initiatives a unique opportunity.

Our Incubator is over 450 square feet and contains 6 work stations with windows overlooking the south side of the campus. The Incubator is an open and collaborative space that acts as a home-base for peace-related initiatives at varying stages of development. It's designed to be a validated learning community, and a “beehive” of entrepreneurial, interdisciplinary activity around peace advancement.


Potential members

Resources and activities include:

Daily: Access to one of six lockable hot desks; Access to other shared spaces with wireless internet access

Weekly: Tuesday coffee breaks with all CPA participants; News and events updates

Monthly: Progress meetings with CPA staff; Free credits to book meeting rooms at Grebel

Per semester: One training workshop; Eligibility for funding through the Incubator Peace Fund.

Ongoing: Mentorship from within and beyond the CPA; Involvement in additional Epp Peace Incubator and/or CPA community building events; Profile on the CPA website and social media channels; Use of the Conrad Grebel University College mailing address

Who should apply?

Food Not WasteYou should apply to the Epp Peace Incubator if you:

  • have an idea that will contribute to the advancement of peace in your community, country or world
  • are part of a team of people who is committed to incubating and testing that idea
  • can commit to being a contributing member of the CPA community by having a active presence in our dynamic incubator space


The fee for participating in the Epp Peace Incubator program is $250.00 per month or $1000.00 per semester. Subsidies are available thanks to the generous support of Blue North and other CPA donors.  We are also open to negotiating in-kind contributions as an alternative form of payment. 

To join the Epp Peace Incubator program, start a conversation with Paul or Michelle.