Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tamarack President talks Social Entrepreneurship in Orillia

Last week the co-founder of one of our affiliated organizations, the Tamarack Community Initiative, Paul Born travelled to Orillia to speak at the Georgian College campus. He talked about the important of Social Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement, two of the MSCU Centre's core values.

It was very encouraging to hear that Orillia is heading in the right direction when it comes to these important aspects.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Responding to the global refugee crisis – What can Canada do?

Written by Project Ploughshares Staff Branka Marijan and Sonal Marwah 

"The crisis in Syria and its spillover effects, such as the flow of refugees, are reminders that conflicts and their consequences are rarely contained to one geographic area of the world. Simply ignoring conflicts does not make them go away. Indeed, as the European governments are discovering it only leads to compounding humanitarian crises. However, it would be a mistake to see the current refugee crisis as solely a European issue to tackle.