Monday, July 20, 2020

A Letter to Lowell: 5 memories from a peacebuilder you helped form

Lowell Ewert speaking with a group of students at Conrad Grebel

Dear Lowell,

I remember 2010. Doe-eyed and hopeful, I walk up to you after class with four friends and ask to turn our final research assignment into a script for a one-act play. You say, “It’s never been done. Will it be any good?” and try to hold back your smile.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Enriching communities through storytelling with the X Page Workshop

Text: "The X Page Workshop Presents Stories in Transit, available online at" with drawings of women on vibrant background

In the X Page Workshop, stories begin with a word or a phrase. Prompts such as “luggage,” “shoes,” or “teacher” elicit images in the minds of the women who gather together every week. Each participant enters the scene – sometimes humorous, sometimes painful -- in her mind and witnesses the scents, sounds and sights she encounters. These detailed memories are written down and form the basis of a story, which eventually becomes a performance.