PeaceTech Living-Learning Community

A Living-Learning Community for creators, innovators, and collaborators

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Do you seek opportunities to reflect on the impact of technology in our world? Are you yearning to apply your creativity to advance peace? PeaceTech may be for you!

The PeaceTech Living-Learning Community is a cluster of students from diverse faculties interested in exploring the intersection of technology and peace in society. The community is made of students who are residents, virtual residents, or associates at Conrad Grebel University College. 

No tech or peace knowledge required - just passion and curiosity!

Our Community

  • 1st to 5th year students from any faculty
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    Grebel residents and associates formally connected to Conrad Grebel​
  • Curious students interested in learning about and exploring the intersection of technology and peace in society - both in and beyond their own program of study 

Students in the PeaceTech LLC will be supported by:

  • Learning from and connecting with peers who offer a diversity of perspectives that reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the PeaceTech LLC.
  • Enhancing in-class learning by organizing and participating in conversations, forums and events on technology, peace, social entrepreneurship, vocation/purpose in life, and more.
  • Mentoring relationships between students and participants in the Centre for Peace Advancement community.
  • Opportunities to connect with the University of Waterloo and Waterloo region’s vibrant innovation ecosystem in order to enhance knowledge and experience with PeaceTech related issues and organizations, including hackathons, pitch competitions, and incubator programs.
  • Opportunities to network with other leaders and mentors, including Grebel alumni.

Contact Jocelyn for more information

Jocelyn Bretzslaff

PeaceTech Peer Leader


As a PeaceTech Peer Leader, it is my job to connect weekly with a group of students interested in critically reflecting on issues related to peace and technology in society. In doing so, I aim to foster learning and promote a sense of community and belonging among PeaceTech students from various backgrounds.