Current Peer Leaders

Fall 2022 Peer Leaders: Emma Kirke | Jocelyn Bretzslaff

Emma Kirke

Program: Environment, Resource and Sustainability Studies

Emma Kirke

I’m Emma and I am beginning my final year of Environment, Resource and Sustainability Studies with a minor in urban studies. I have been a part of peace tech for three terms over the past year, including as a peer leader in Fall 2021, and I am eager to use that experience to inform this next term. I hope to use my background in climate advocacy and environmental conservation work to facilitate discussion on the role of technologies to solve the wicked problems the world is facing and their accompanying governance structures. I see technology as one of many tools in the toolbox and am eager to better understand how we design it for success. Along those lines, I am also interested in exploring the different ethical and cultural viewpoints that inform technology design. I have been fortunate to work with different eNGOs and as a Page in the House of Commons. In past semesters, I have also taken a couple of Grebel courses, including Peace and the Environment. I continue to use those experiences to explore new areas for PeaceTech, particularly with the municipal fall election taking place, taking the opportunity to explore the implications of technology on modern politics. 

I look forward to delving into thoughtful discussions (in-person!) with students of different disciplines to mine this fall with PeaceTech. The opportunity to engage with students from different disciplines on the problems that unite us is invaluable in fostering in-depth understanding of the relationship between peace and technology. In my spare time, I enjoy getting outside on my bike and hiking in our wild spaces, usually with my camera in tow.  

Jocelyn Bretzslaff

Program: Health Studies

Jocelyn Bretzslaff

Hello! As a PeaceTech Peer Leader, it is my job to connect weekly with a group of students interested in critically reflecting on issues related to peace and technology in society. In doing so, I aim to foster learning and promote a sense of community and belonging among PeaceTech students from various backgrounds.

Personal description: I grew up in Kingsville, Ontario, but have enjoyed living in Waterloo and being part of the Grebel community throughout university. During my time at Grebel, I have loved playing intramurals, being part of various clubs, and getting involved with Student Council. When I'm not helping lead an awesome group of students, I enjoy doing anything outdoors, reading, and drinking copious amounts of tea.  

Past PeaceTech Peer Leaders:

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  • Winter 2022: Timothy Peters, Chemical Engineering; Devin Blankespoor, Mathematical Physics 
  • Fall 2021: Kyle Dyck, Computer Engineering; Emma Kirke, Environment, Resource and Sustainability Studies
  • Spring 2021: Elijah Birley, Mechanical Engineering; Kyle Dyck, Computer Engineering
  • Winter 2021: Hannah Bernstein, Nanotechnology Engineering; Elijah Birley, Mechanical Engineering
  • Fall 2020: Hannah Bernstein, Nanotechnology Engineering; Joseph Tafese, Software Engineering
  • Spring 2020: Conrad Heidebrecht, Systems Design Engineering; Rebecca Koole, Honours Arts and Business
  • Winter 2020: Hannah Brubacher Kaethler, Knowledge Integration; Neil Brubacher, Systems Design Engineering
  • Fall 2019: Hannah Bernstein, Nanotechnology Engineering; Grace Wright, Political Science and Business
  • Spring 2019: Neil Brubacher, Systems Design Engineering; Jonathan Smith, Computer Science & Business Administration