Winter 2022 Peer Leaders: Devin Blankespooor | Timothy Peters

Devin Blankespoor

Program: Mathematical Physics

Devin Blankespoor HeadshotHey everyone!

I'm Devin, and I am currently in my third year of mathematical physics in the applied math department. I have been a part of PeaceTech for the past two terms, and I am excited to use my previous experiences to create a fantastic term for PeaceTech. Through various hobbies, courses, and co-op terms, I have explored many unique technologies from a technical point of view; however, before joining PeaceTech, I struggled to find opportunities to talk to others about the humanitarian side of technology. I love that PeaceTech provides a unique opportunity for discussions centred around peace and technology with people from different faculties and backgrounds. I believe this diversity enhances our dialogue as each member has a unique perspective on issues that, when shared, can expand each other's understanding.

This next term, I hope that we can explore the role of technology to solve the many problems the world is currently facing. Going beyond simply learning about it, I also hope we find ways for members to assist in solving the issues they are passionate about. I look forward to the discussions this term and what everyone will share as we learn more about how technology and peace interact.

Timothy Peters

Program: Chemical Engineering

Timothy Peters headshotHello,

I’m Tim and I just completed my 2nd year of Chemical Engineering. I’ve been a member of PeaceTech for just over a term now, and around Grebel for over 2 years. I have been exposed to technology through the lenses of university courses and my own interests in computers and advancement in technology. I have also had the opportunity to learn about technology through the lens of peace through past guest speakers, and conversations with other students here at Peacetech, who come from different academic backgrounds than myself. This is one of my other favorite parts about Peacetech, how it brings together all kinds of people from different academic and social backgrounds so that we can all learn from different perspectives on the issues facing the world.

I hope to use my education to help with solving some of the environmental problems facing our world today. I believe that technology is a very important piece of the puzzle in solving our world’s problems, but it needs to be done in an ethically sound and inclusive way. This is one of the many reasons I love PeaceTech, it helps to add a level of humanity to the world of technology which can often become very cold and analytical.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and getting outside, usually with some friends and family in tow. I look forward to leading thoughtful discussions this next term and learning from all the students I have the opportunity to engage with.

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