PeaceTech Living-Learning Community FAQ

Q1. What is PeaceTech?

Hear what our PeaceTech Living-Learning Community Peer Leaders have to say!

Q2. What’s the time commitment?

1-2 hours a week of discussion and broadening your understanding of the work being done at the intersection of peace and technology. There may be options for additional commitments on an individual basis.

Q3. What opportunities does the community offer?

Spend regular time with a group of students who have won hackathons, started businesses, and built projects for social good. This is a place to reflect on your education and the broader societal implications of it. Build your voice in contributing to the discussion on ethical use of technology. Use the community as a source for building teams for activities like hackathons, fourth-year design projects, or pitch competition.

Q4. Do I need to live or associate at Conrad Grebel University College to be part of this community?

To be part of Grebel’s PeaceTech Living Learning Community you must either apply to live at Conrad Grebel University College (either in-person or virtually), or apply to be an Off-Campus Associate.

To apply to live at Grebel:

Step 1) Apply to Grebel online and indicate your interest in the PeaceTech Living Learning community in the application form.

Step 2) Participate in a group or skype interview

Q5. How do I join?

First-years: Submit a statement of interest with your Grebel Application.

Upper-years: Applications for fall 2021 are now open! Apply before September 12, 2021.

Q6. How do I know I’ve been accepted?

Acceptances will be issued alongside Grebel acceptances in May and for upper year students from the PeaceTech Peer Leaders prior to the fall term.