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Photo of Paul Heidebrecht

Paul Heidebrecht


Paul Heidebrecht is the inaugural director of the CPA, and an adjunct assistant professor who teaches courses in Peace and Conflict Studies and Theological Studies.

Photo of Michelle Jackett

Michelle Jackett


Currently On Parental Leave

Katrina Steckle

Katrina Steckle

Communications Assistant

Katrina is a student at the University of Waterloo majoring in Psychology and English Rhetoric and Literature and minoring in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Photo of Amy Zavitz

Amy Zavitz


Amy joined the Centre for Peace Advancement as Coordinator in 2018. She has a graduate degree from the University of Waterloo’s Global Governance program, based at the Balsillie School of International Affairs and a BES from the University of Waterloo in Environment & Resource Studies.

Photo of Suyeon Kang

Suyeon Kang


Suyeon has a undergraduate degree in Media Communication and a minor in Social Welfare from Sungshin University in South Korea. Suyeon believes that peace begins with little steps in daily life, not through ignoring little cracks but reacting to the conflict to resolve the problem.

Photo of Hannah Hill

Hannah Hill

Incubator Fellow

Hannah is an Environment and Business student at the University of Waterloo, minoring in Peace and Conflict Studies and Technical Writing. Hannah is excited to support start-ups advancing peace in her role as Incubator Fellow for Fall 2018.

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