Communications Assistant

Victoria Lumax Victoria Lumax is returning to the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement as Communications Assistant for Fall 2020, after working in the same role in Winter 2020. She is pursuing a double major in English and Peace and Conflict Studies.


Office: CPA Reception Desk

Education: 3A Honours Arts, majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies and English (Rhetoric, Media, and Professional Communication)

About Victoria

Prior to beginning her degree at the University of Waterloo, Victoria was interested in social justice. Leading up to her "Most Likely to Achieve World Peace" superlative win in grade 12, she was passionate about the economic and social inequality, especially how to approach it from a faith-based perspective. She led the "Impact" club at her high school, which was a Christian group that met weekly and discussed how to live out their faith well. Also, in grade 12 Victoria completed a co-op placement at the local newspaper where discovered her love for community and storytelling.

Victoria is currently in the third year year of her Bachelor’s Degree in English and Peace and Conflict Studies. As Fall/Winter Peace Represenative at Grebel, she has been able to develop dialogue around the college around some issues she is passionate about, such as fair trade and nuclear disarmament. She also had the opportunity to co-organize the 2019 Make-A-Difference Market, with local and fair trade vendors, live music, a bake sale, and a silent auction, all in support of SheCycle. Some of her most impactful courses have been "Restorative Justice" and "Rhetorical Theory and Criticism", where she was able to look at systems from new perspectives. Whether it's analyzing a political speech or reexamining the justice system, Victoria is fascinated with the way structures influence our daily lives. Studying Peace and Conflict Studies has taught her that peace is more than just ceasefire, but that peace is about taking action and facing multifaceted problems from a hopeful, relational approach.

Victoria was drawn to the Centre for Peace Advancement because of the way it engages with relevant peace issues, especially those revolving around technology. She loves the way the centre takes a holistic approach to peacebuilding and works hard to understand complex issues. Her role as Communications Assistant blends her two loves, writing and social justice, and is excited to see how this intersection aids her in her personal and professional development.

Victoria is excited to return to the Centre for Peace Advancement and continue to support local peacebuilding endeavors!

University of Waterloo

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