Katie with kidsLooking for peace education activities for your classroom, group, or event?

We've worked with community groups, like youth groups, camp staff teams, and high school students. Choose from sample outlines below, or get in touch to design a custom conflict resolution or social justice program.

Sample TREE Communities Workshop Outlines
Workshop  Themes
Conflict Resolution 101 (PDF) Communication, active listening, team building
Navigating Space (PDF) Communication, negotiation, equity, human rights
Our Environmental Impact (PDF) Environmental justice, human rights, team building
Thriving in Diverse Communities (PDF) Equity, empathy, recognizing injustice, diversity
We are Peacemakers (PDF) Diversity, equity, conflict resolution, mindfulness
What to Say When (PDF) Diversity, dialogue, nonviolent communication
Who's Got the Power? (PDF) Power dynamics, communication, inequality

To book a custom workshop, contact the TREE Director, Katie Gingerich.

My students were highly engaged in the experience, and with Katie's support, were able to debrief and learn from the experience. She made complex ideas accessible to 12 and 13 year olds, such that they could relate the ideas to a novel we were studying in class.

Deb Baxter-Heeney, Rockway Mennonite Collegiate