Spring 2021 Peer Leaders: Kyle Dyck | Elijah Birley

Kyle Dyck

Program: Computer Engineering

Kyle Dyck smiles for a photo with black-framed glasses and a black t-shirt.Hello everyone!

I’m Kyle and I am currently finishing up my 2nd year of Computer Engineering. I’ve been a part of PeaceTech for almost every term since my first year and I’m excited to take what I’ve experienced into leading PeaceTech this Spring! During my time at university I’ve been exposed to many different technologies in class, through my hobby of PC building and on my co-op terms. On the other side of that, I’ve viewed technology through the lens of peace through guest speakers, conversations with other students, and by looking into some of the peace and conflict studies courses that Grebel offers. In the future I plan to take some of those Grebel courses and I hope to find more co-op placements that offer multidisciplinary work.

One of my favourite parts about PeaceTech is being in an environment that stimulates thoughtful conversations with people so that I can broaden my understanding of peace and technology. I think it’s so valuable to have students from different faculties and academic years because it allows for a more diverse pool of backgrounds, interests, and experiences. This diversity then enriches our conversations and provides a more in-depth understanding of what we are learning. I look forward to seeing what you will all bring to the table and how we can learn from each other about the intersection between peace and technology.

Elijah Birley

Program: Mechanical Engineering

Elijah smiles for a photoHello  PeaceTechers! 

I’m Elijah Birley and I am currently in my 2nd year of study in Mechanical Engineering. I have been a member of PeaceTech since the very beginning and am excited to take all of that experience into being your Peer Leader this Term! Through my time at university I have tried to expand knowledge in areas related to more than just the theory and application of my degree, and a lot of those directly relate to PeaceTech. I took the Entrepreneurship for Social Impact course where I learned what it looks like to pursue a mission of making life better for people around us while at the same developing a thriving business that can grow and further its reach. Last term, I worked at a company developing new technology for diagnosing allergies and hope to take my experience in this Healthtech sector forward in considering peaceful means of advancement. I hope to continue to develop my knowledge of the intersections of peace and technology with future co-ops and course work.  

I am very excited to be part of such a diverse community all looking at the impact of technology but from so many different and important perspectives. This being my second term of leading PeaceTech I have only come to recognize more and more how valuable this group is. While I am leading, I know I will also be lead and taught by all members of the group. Students from every faculty and year and guest speakers from near and far share their wealth of knowledge every week and what could be more exciting than that!

Past PeaceTech Peer Leaders:

  • Winter 2021: Hannah Bernstein, Nanotechnology Engineering; Elijah Birley, Mechanical Engineering
  • Fall 2020: Hannah Bernstein, Nanotechnology Engineering; Joseph Tafese, Software Engineering
  • Spring 2020: Conrad Heidebrecht, Systems Design Engineering; Rebecca Koole, Honours Arts and Business
  • Winter 2020: Hannah Brubacher Kaethler, Knowledge Integration; Neil Brubacher, Systems Design Engineering
  • Fall 2019: Hannah Bernstein, Nanotechnology Engineering; Grace Wright, Political Science and Business
  • Spring 2019: Neil Brubacher, Systems Design Engineering; Jonathan Smith, Computer Science & Business Administration