Tech for Good Organizations

The PeaceTech Living-Learning Community at Grebel aims to bring together critical reflection and creative energy to improve the social impact of technology, but we are not alone. Indeed, in recent years a growing number of initiatives and organizations are contributing to a global movement of “tech for good,” and the Centre for Peace Advancement team is doing our best to try to keep up! Check out the following roster if you are looking for resources on a particular topic, or looking to get involved as you move to a new city for a work term or full-time job.

AI for Good Foundation


AI for Good logo


Fosters activities to maximize the benefit of AI technologies for social good through the lens of global sustainable development.

Algorithmic Justice League

Algorithmic Justice League Logo


Aims to highlight algorithmic bias, provide space for concerns with coded bias, and develop accountability practices.

All Tech is Human

All Tech is Human logo


Brings together organizations, advocates, academics, designers, industry, students, and other interested parties to help tackle the thorny tech issues we are facing as a society.


Bellingcat logo


An investigative journalism group that specialises in fact-checking and open-source intelligence.


Benetech logo

Silicon Valley's Software for Social Good Headquarters. 

Build Up

Build Up Logo


Combines peacebuilding, participation and technology to identify and address emergent challenges to peace. 

Citizens and Technology Lab

CAT Lab logo


The CAT Lab is a public-interest research group striving to study the effects of technology and test ideas for changing digital spaces to better serve the public interest. 

Center for Humane Technology

Center for Humane Technology logo


Realigning technology with humanity's best interests. 

Civic Tech Field Guide

Civic Tech Field Guide logo


A crowdsourced, global collection of civic tech tools and projects; an official project of Civic Hall, a one-of-a-kind non-profit collaboration centre for the worlds civic innovators. 

Coding it Forward

Coding it Forward logo

Empowering the next generation of technology leaders to create social change. 

Critical Media Lab

Critical Media Lab logo


A cross-disciplinary, research-creation initiative at UWaterloo that fosters the creation of new media projects that explore the impact of technology on society and the human condition. 

CyberPeace Institute

CyberPeace Institute logo


Works to safeguard the integrity of the online ecosystem by directing assistance to vulnerable victims of large-scale cyberattacks and promoting greater accountability when those attacks violate international expectations and laws. 

Data for Good

Data for Good logo

A collective of do gooders, who want to use their powers for good, and not evil, to help make our communities better through data. 

Data for Peacebuilding and Prevention Ecosystem Map



An interactive digital tool to map the exisiting global organizations working at the intersection of data and peacebuilding. 


DataKind logo


Harnessing the power of data science in the service of humanity. 

Digital Democracy

Digital Democracy Logo


Works in solidarity with marginalized communities to use technology to defend their rights.

Digital Peace Now

Digital Peace Now Logo

Digital citizens coming together to call upon world leaders to create rules of the road that protect our digital society.

Engineering Change Lab

Engineering Change Lab logo


A collaborative platform to enable Canada's engineering community reach its full potential by helping steward the application of science and technology to address the challenges of our time.

Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace

ESJP (engineering social justice and peace) logo


A network of activists, academics, and practitioners dedicated to Social Justice and Peace.

Equal Engineers

equal engineers logo


Makes engineering and technology more diverse and inclusive through training, recruitment, media, and events.

Ethics in Action

Ethics in Action logo


Author of Ethically Aligned Design: A Vision for Prioritizing Human Well-being with Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.


FaithTech logo

A growing movement of Christians interested in all things faith and technology.

Fast Forward Accelerate Good

Fast Forward Accelerator logo

As the first and only organization focused exclusively on scaling organizations that combine the best tech with sustainable nonprofit business models, Fast Forwards mission is to accelerate impact.

Geeks Without Bounds

Geeks without Bounds logo

Humanitarian open source technology; security online and off for vulnerable populations; supporting technology in low resource situations.

Giving Tech Labs

giving tech labs logo

Creating technology and sustainability models to deliver results in the nonprofit sector

Global Development Incubator

global development incubator logo


Builds startups and partnerships focused on social impact, bringing together the right partners across sectors to help initiatives scale their impact and prepare for long-term success.


HackerNest logo

An international nonprofit that produces unpretentious tech socials, blockbuster hackathons tackling global challenges, and other projects that advance technology, humanity, and economic prosperity. 

Humanitarian Engineering Innovation Lab

Ohio State U Logo


Creates technologies that help people. 

ICT4Peace Foundation

ICT for peace logo

We champion the strategic, sustainable and meaningful use of ICTs for crisis management, disaster risk reduction and peacebuilding.

Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship

Legatum centre logo


Drives more inclusive prosperity by building pathways for the next generation of change agents who, through principled entrepreneurial leadership, will create good jobs, transform systems, and improve lives.


Moonshot logo

Working to end online harms by applying evidence, ethics, and human rights


N Square

N Square logo


Powering a network of innovators committed to ending the nuclear threat through unlikely partnerships, breakthrough ideas, and world-changing projects.

Peace Innovation Institute

Peace Innovation Institute

Catalyzes a thriving technology sector that brings breakthrough products, solutions and new companies in the peace, justice and humanitarian markets. 

Peace Innovation Lab

Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford Logo

A global community consisting of thought leaders from the fields of behavior design, innovation, persuasive and social technologies and finance seeking to increase positive peace via real world interventions. 

PeaceTech Lab

PeaceTech Lab logo


Works to reduce violent conflict using technology, media, and data to accelerate and scale peacebuilding efforts. 

Random Hacks of Kindness

random hacks of kindness logo


Hackathons for social good that bring together volunteer developers and tech-savvy do-gooders to work with charities, community groups and social enterprises.


samdesk logo


A global disruption monitoring platform powered by big data and artificial intelligence.

Shah Family Global Innovation Lab

Purdue University logo


Fosters and sustains a vibrant community to address socio-economic challenges based on engineering innovations and market-driven approaches. 

Tech Impact 2030

Tech Impact 2030 logo


Putting technology to work to tackle societal challenges and achieve real change. 

Tech Reset Canada

Tech Reset Canada Wordmark


A coalition of business people, technologists, and other residents advocating for innovation that is focused on maximizing the public good. 


Tech Change logo


Provides online professional development in technology and social change. 

TechEquity Collaborative

Tech Equity logo

Engaging the tech community to build a more equitable and inclusive twenty-first century economy. 

TechShift Alliance

Tech Shift logo


An alliance of students building a fairer technological future.

The Citizen Lab

The Citizen Lab logo


An interdisciplinary laboratory at the University of Toronto focusing on research, development, and high-level strategic policy and legal engagement at the intersection of information and communication technologies, human rights, and global security. 


logo for Ushahidi

Creating technology solutions that empower communities to build a better world


UW Blueprint

UW Blueprint logo


Students striving to make technology accessible and useful for those who create communities and promote public welfare