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What is Chem 13 News magazine

Chem 13 News is a magazine published for teachers of introductory chemistry by the Chemistry Department at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Through a paid subscription, the monthly magazine will be mailed to you from September through May.

Each 20-page issue contains articles, labs, puzzles, cartoons and helpful advice. Most of our authors are high school teachers. We encourage our subscribers to become contributors and be part of the active community of sharing amongst chemistry teachers.  

June message to chemistry teachers 

secret message for high school teachers in periodic tiles for summer

Secret chemical message for Earth Day!

An Earth Day Wish ChemEd 2017 host announced -- spread the word

ChemEd 2017 host announcement for South Dakota State University -- with fireworks in backgroundOctober 17 to 25 is National Chemistry Week

Celebrate National Chemistry Week photo with a explosive demonstration

Photo credit: Martin Schwalbe 

Message for the first day of chemistry

Message in elemental symbols -- Welcome to chemistry