About Chem 13 News

Chem 13 News is an informal magazine published monthly by the Department of Chemistry at the University of Waterloo for teachers of introductory chemistry courses, especially at the high school and year one college levels. Approximately 1,200 teachers subscribe from over 20 different countries. Many of our authors are high school teachers.

For our 50th year we are starting to publish online: Publishing platform is now live with over 700 articles from the last seven years.   

Chem 13 News appears nine times per year, from September through May (with a double holiday issue). The issues typically consist of 20 pages, including some advertising.

We publish a mix of:

  • teaching ideas;
  • experiments and demonstrations;
  • background articles;
  • contests and puzzles;
  • humour and cartoons; and
  • book reviews.