Editorial Board and staff

2015 Editorial Board meeting 

Editorial board meeting -- members inside a lab setting

2014 Editorial Board meeting

2014 editorial board meeting

Left to right:  Michael Jansen, Preena Nagpal, Jean Hein, Stacey Willfang and Lew Brubacher

2011 Editorial Board meeting

2011 Editorial Board meeting

Left to right: Mike Chong, Stacey Willfang, Jean Hein, Lew Brubacher and Michael Jansen

In the Chemistry Department at Waterloo

photo of Jean Hein, Gerry Toogood and Kathy Jackson

Jean Hein (editor), Gerry Toogood (crostic master) and Kathy Jackson (production)

2010 Editorial Board meeting

2010 Editorial Board meeting

Left to right: Michael Jansen, Mike Chong, Jean Hein, Stacey Willfang, Lew Brubacher and Morris Tchir

2009 Editorial board meeting

Editorial board meeting in 2009

Left to right: Michael Jansen, Lew Brubacher, Mike Chong, Jean Hein, Morris Tchir, Andrea Ricci, Ed Doadt