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  • ChemEd 2005, Vancouver B.C., July 31 – August 4, 2005 (PDF), (pages 1-4, 6-8) - Reports on several presentations at this conference, including the Reg Friesen Memorial Lecture by Ariel Fenster (page 2) and the Closing Plenary Lecture by Penny Le Couteur (pages 2-3).
  • A sci-fi crostic, by Gerry Toogood, (pages 10-11) - Another in Gerry’s series, with 31 clues.
  • Logical chemical puzzle #8 (PDF), by Carlos Mauricio Castro-Acuna, (page 12) - Another puzzle from Carlos. A book prize went to Allisa Wu, whose winning entry was drawn on July 15, 2006. Answers in the September issue.
  • Su-chem-du contest (PDF), (page 13) - A chemical version of the popular sudoku game, using chemical symbols. The winners, whose names were drawn on July 15, 2006, are Jane Yoon and Liz Aldrich. Answers are in the September issue.
  • Einstein’s May 1905 paper on Brownian motion, by Lew Brubacher, (pages 14-15) - This is the paper in which Einstein deduced the diffusion equation for the motion of dissolved or suspended particles. He challenged experimental physicists to measure the displacements in Brownian motion and thus provide proof for the atomic theory.
  • Applications matter. Part 3. Textbooks for an application-based course, by Leslie Barton, (pages 16-17) - The focus is on the Salters’ books, which come out of the United Kingdom. Also mentioned is a book in development by Kelly Deters.
  • Chemical explorations: Divers, by Fran Zak, (page 19) - Uses unopened packets of condiments such as mustard, ketchup, etc., as the divers.
  • Cartoons are by Mark Rosengarten (page 8) (PDF), Richard M. Furlough (page 18), and Jarape (page 18).