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  • Bright youngster: The 6th Macedonian Chemistry Competition – A source of intriguing ideas (PDF), by Vladimir Petruš, (pages 1-2) - Young students’ unexpected solutions to the recent Macedonian Olympiad experimental problems are described and discussed.
  • Chemistry on the internet #90, by Ed Doadt, (page 3) - Given the advances in internet use, Ed asks teachers to send their “best practices”.
  • Chemmandments (PDF), by Mark Rosengarten, (page 4) - Mark shares the Ten Chemmandments – ten of the most important concepts central to chemistry – that he gives to his students.
  • Book review, Let Them Eat Flax, (page 5) - Lyle Sadavoy reviews Joe Schwarcz’s latest book.
  • Su-chem-du contest (PDF), (page 5) - Enter our contest by November 13, 2006.
  • Using a glucometer in advanced chemistry or biology classes (PDF), by Marie Sherman and Mary Walsh, (pages 6-7) - An application of a glucometer – measuring the glucose produced from lactose with various over-the-counter lactase products.
  • STAO/APSO Conference, November 16-18, 2006 (page 9) - An outline of upcoming presentations that may be of interest to chemistry teachers.
  • A guest crostic, by Erica Jacobsen (pages 10-11).
  • Carboxylic acids in wine, by David N. Cash (pages 12-13) - The carboxylic acids present in wine are discussed with respect to their structure, Ka, and effect on taste.
  • Chemical explorations: Making recycled paper, by George Gross, (page 15) - Diane Krone explains a lab activity that makes recycled newsprint.
  • ACS meeting, Atlanta GA, March 26 – 30, 2006, (pages 16-17) - Selected abstracts from the Spring 2006 meeting of the American Chemical Society.
  • Puzzle winners (page 18) - Congratulations to Karon Taylor, the winner of the May crostic. Rafael Krichevsky from Jennifer Pitt-Lainsbury’s class at the University of Toronto Schools in Ontario ON wins the Logical Chemical Puzzle.
  • Cartoons are by Richard M. Furlough (page 2) (PDF), Nick Kim, (page 5) (PDF), Mark Rosengarten (page 13), and Jarape (page 19).