What's in this issue?

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  • Pool chemistry: Backyard perils and experiments (PDF) by Enrico Uva (pages 1, 4) - Enrico investigates pool chemistry.
  • Letters to the Editors, CD Review by Lyle Sadavoy (page 2) - Lyle reviews Mark Rosengarten’s CD called Rock Me Avogadro - A Collection of Chemistry Songs.
  • Book review (The Weather Makers) by Lew Brubacher (page 3) - Lew reviews Tim Flannery’s book on the complex factors that affect climate and climate changes.
  • Answer to polonium-210 questions (PDF) by Lew Brubacher (pages 6-7) - answers to the student activities in February 2007 issue - (pages 1, 6)
  • Answers to December – An intuitive crostic (page 7)
  • Su-chem-du with message (PDF) (page 7) - clue "What everyone is on March 17".
  • December’s Su-chem-du solution (page 7)
  • A “trusty/auto” crostic by Gerry Toogood (pages 8-9)
  • Chemical explorations — How big is a million? by George Gross (page 10) - a dry lab to help students understand the concept of parts per million (ppm) and parts per billion.
  • Canada’s 2006 National Crystal Growing Competition by Denis Bussières (page 11) - full competition results are available.
  • Do-it-yourself: p-atomic orbitals (PDF) by William Deese (page 12) - instructions on how to make a model of a set of atomic p orbitals using craft stores supplies.
  • Pollution Probe’s Acid Rain Primer by Krista Friesen (page 14-15) - an overview of the latest addition to Pollution Probes’ Educational Primer Series is given. All Primers are available online, free of charge.
  • ChemEd 07, July 28 – August 2, University of North Texas, Denton (page 15).
  • More reports from 19-Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE) by Lew Brubacher and Andy Cherkas (pages 17-19) - Lew and Andy give an overview of the plenary lectures, Babu George Memorial Symposium and other workshops from BCCE 2006.
  • Cartoons are by Richard M. Furlough (page 9), Nick Kim (page 10).