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  • Teaching chemistry with pyrotechnic flair - A workshop by Paul E. Smith of Purdue University at ChemEd 07 reviewed by Sharon Geyer (pages 12 and 13).
  • Chemical explorations - How things dissolve by Pat Ruff (George Gross) (page 11).
  • 10 pieces of advice I wish I had before I started teaching chemistry lab by Rachel Kipp (pages 8 and 9) - Rachel gives some great advice for new lab instructors.
  • Atomic radii su-chem-du (page 6).
  • High ∆H topics - Get out of your comfort zone by Michael Jansen (page 5) - Michael encourages teachers to update at least one item from each unit per year.
  • New Editorial Board members (page 5) - Michael Jansen and Andrea Ricci become Chem13 News newest board members.
  • Letters to the editors (pages 2 and 3).
  • Book review by George Kaufmann; “The Pauling Catalogue: Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers at Oregon State University” (page 13).
  • Chem13 News' Top Forty Contributors.
  • Chem13 News’ first crossword (PDF) (reprinted from page 4, September 1968), by Gerry Toogood (page 14)
  • A simple, safe fuel cell (PDF) (reprinted from page 34, October 1999) by Alan Slater (page 15).
  • Ed Doadt’s Chemistry on the internet: website reviews part 1 (page 16) - Read all 47 of Ed’s reviews, then link to the sites of interest.