What's in this issue?

The cover had this great cartoon for Mole Day.

A drawing of a mole sleeping on a wooden bed. Why did I get involved with chemists? If I'd just struck with meteorology, I could have simply looked for my shadow and gone back to bed. Illustrated by Kelly Hein, a grade 11 student at South Carleton High School in Richmond, ON. Idea by J. Hein.

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  • Letter to the editors (page 2).
  • High ∆H topics - Down with the Zero by Andrea Ricci (page 3) - Andrea describes why giving zeros for work that is late or not submitted is not the correct penalty.
  • A tough question - 2008 Chem13 News Exam by Carey Bissonnette (pages 4 and 5) - Carey reviews a question on equilibrium that only 8% of students writing the Chem13 News Exam had correct.
  • Ed Doadt’s Chemistry on the Internet: website reviews part 2 - (page 6).
  • Book review (page 8) - Lyle Sadavoy reviews Joe Schwarcz's new book called "An Apple a Day - The Myths, Misconceptions and Truths about the Food We Eat."
  • Cool curves: a simple example of first-order analysis by Charles Marzzacco (pages 9-10) - Charles presents a pseudo first-order kinetic process with the cooling of hot water in an insulated cup.
  • Gas constant su-chem-du (page 10).
  • A rosey-red crostic by Gerry Toogood (pages 12-13) - another one of Gerry’s challenging crostics.
  • Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) Canadian Chemistry Contest, 2008 winners (page 14).
  • Chem13 News' Top Forty Contributors
  • The quantum atom puzzle (PDF) by Darrell Beach (page 15).
  • More questions & answers (PDF) by Irwin Talesnick (page 16) - from the question and answer series, Irwin explains why calcium metal with water and sulphuric acid reacts differently that a teacher expected.
  • My chemical odyssey (PDF) by George B. Kauffman (page 17) - George describes reviews his career in chemistry and chemical education.
  • Cartoons (PDF) by Ian Skinner (page 18) - carbon footprint and hydrogen power cartoons.
  • Introduction to moles (PDF) by Glen Loveridge (pages 18-19) - Glen’s shares how he introduced the mole to his students.