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  • Creative Christmas lab challenge (page 1) - we encourage teachers to decorate their classrooms with chemistry and the holidays.
  • High ∆H topics - why so many teachers quit? (page 2).
  • Book review (PDF) (page 3) - Bad Science by Ben Goldacre; reviewed by Geoff Rayner-Canham.
  • Answers to Carl Twiddy’s crossword from November 2008 issue (page 4).
  • The day the water treatment man came to visit by Leslie Barton (page 5).
  • Chemical explorations - Chiral pasta by George Gross (page 6).
  • Periodic Hidato puzzle (page 7).
  • Answers to September 2008 Atomic radii su-chem-du (page 7).
  • DVD review by Michael Jansen (page 8) - Mike reviews John Fortman and Rubin Battino's Chemistry Demonstration Series.
  • What earrings should I wear today? by Kathy Kitzmann (page 9).
  • A "broken flatcar" crostic by Gerry Toogood (pages 10-11).
  • Chem13 News' Top Forty Contributors.