Outreach initiatives

Timeline of Elements : 2019 International Year of the Periodic Table collaboration 

The University of Waterloo is organizing another collaborative project!the timeline of elements listed by discovery decade
Our goal is to have chemistry students from around the world join together to create an original and imaginative version of the Timeline of Elements focused on their discovery.

Periodic Table Project : 2011 International Year of Chemistry collaboration 

Organized by Chem 13 News magazine, this special undertaking Periodic Table Project poster with different designs for each element celebrated the International Year of Chemistry (IYC) in 2011, a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) sponsored event. There are participating schools and organizations from every Canadian province and territory, as well as 20 U.S. states and 14 countries.

There is a poster, a permanent wall display, and free mobile apps of the project.   

New Elements contest 

Chem 13 News magazine ran a contest to design tiles for the four newly named elements, nihonium (Nh), moscovium (Mc), tennessine (Ts) and oganesson (Og). Check out the submissions and finalists.  

four design tiles for each of the four elements, nihonium, moscovium, tennessine, and oganessonHigh School Chemistry exams

In May of each year, the Department of Chemistry two elemental tiles, one with an Eiffel Tower for lutetium and one of a painting with rose coloured glasses for erbium runs two online contests to challenge high school students. Each exam is multiple choice and covers material that a well-read high school chemistry student is likely to have come across in the course of studies. The Avogadro exam is geared toward junior high school students and the Chem 13 News exam is for senior students. 

Chemistry outreach program

Our outreach program invites grade 11 and 12 chemistry classes to visit the University of Waterloo for a Chemistry Day (or half day). The Chemistry day can include a selection of the following events:

  • A hands on chemistry lab that uses stoichiometry calculations and physical properties analysis
  • Campus tour or science based tour
  • Chemistry mini-lecture
  • Admissions information panel
  • Free time to explore campus (if requested)

We also offer consulting and chemistry workshops for chemistry educators, scheduled as requested. Contact us by e-mail or by calling Dr. Laura Ingram at 519-888-4567 extension 30273.