Puzzles and contests

Annual Chemistry in Pictures contest

The beautiful photos on our front covers of Chem 13 News are from the chemistry classroom.  Since 2010, we have had a photo contest. We now have plenty of photo evidence of the great things happening in chemical education. Above is the November 2017 cover of the magazine. For this year's contest, the deadline is June 30, every year.  

Simply email us  your photos.  Please include your name and school along with a description of the photo.  Students are invited to participate.  We encourage you to take the opportunity to work with your school's Art Department.  

front cover of Chem 13 News magazine with 6 different coloured sample bottles, all glowing brightly under UV light

Monthly student contest

Each issue of the magazine has a puzzle designed for chemistry students. Have your students try our Mole Maze  puzzle from the May 2013 issue. Our goal is to make these puzzles something a teacher can use for a fun assignment, for an extra challenge for a supply teacher, or a bonus after a lab or test. The student puzzles have great prizes donated by Educational Innovations.  We usually give several months for readers to use the puzzle in your classroom. 

If you have a puzzle or a challenge for chemistry students or teachers, send them to Jean Hein, editor of Chem 13 News.  

Readers challenge: Gerry's crostics

One is our ever popular crostic by Gerry Toogood.  This puzzle is aimed at the exceptional students and chemistry teachers who love words.  Try to solve our May 2013 puzzle -- A light-hearted crositc

a honeycomb mole maze puzzle