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Paid subscription to monthly print copy  

This is our last year of mailed print copy with a paid subscription. Free online access to each issue is posted at our Chem 13 News website. Both print copy and online subscribers will receive email notifications when material is posted online. We will be starting these email notification in October 2018.

This year the print copy subscription rate will be prorated based on the month of your subscription payment. Charges in Canadian dollars. The exchange rate applied at time of processing.

See Canadian, USA and International prorated rates.    

With a paid subscription to Chem 13 News magazine, issues will be mailed starting the month of your payment and continue to May (with a double holiday issue). The issues typically consist of 20 pages.

If you have any questions about your renewal or subscription during this transition, please contact us at

Select your mailing destination -- you will need to provide a shipping address (mailing) and a billing address. We will mail your issues of Chem 13 News to the shipping address. If your issues are being mail to a school, please indicate your school in your shipping address.   

A subscription requires payment by credit card. We no longer invoice or accept payments by cheque or money order. 

Ready to subscribe?  Select mailing destination: Canada, USA, or Outside Canada/USA to pay directly online by credit card on secure site.

Prorated subscription rate for Canadian subscribers
Mailing destination Canada subscription rate
September to May  CAN $ 27
October to May CAN $ 24
November to May  CAN $ 21
December/January to May CAN $ 18
February to May   CAN $ 12
March to May  CAN $  9

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Prorated subscription rate for USA subscribers
Mailing USA destination subscription rate
September to May  CAN $ 35
October to May CAN $ 31
November to May  CAN $ 27
December/January to May CAN $ 23
February to May   CAN $ 16
March to May  CAN $ 12

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Prorated subscription rate for International subscribers
Mailing International destination subscription rate
September to May  CAN $ 40
October to May CAN $ 36
November to May  CAN $ 31
December/January to May CAN $ 27
February to May   CAN $ 18
March to May  CAN $ 15

Please note for international subscribers:  The mailing costs to outside Canada have increased significantly in the last year. To avoid further increases to our foreign subscription rates, two monthly issues will be packaged and mailed together. You can expect packages for: (October and November), (December/January), (February and March) and (April and May).   

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