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Below are links to older material not found on the Publication Platform. This list was posted before the Publication Platform was launched in 2018 so it is older supplemental material. 

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March 2018

A green chemistry quiz for St. Patrick’s Day

Which of the following are green?

  •  510 nm or 600 nm
  •   bromothymol blue in a basic solution or a neutral solution
  •  copper(II) chloride dihydrate or copper(II) oxide
  •  chlorophyll or carotene
  •   BaCl2 salt or CaCl2 salt in fireworks
  •  flame test for boron or sodium
  •  hematite or malachite
  •  Al2O3, with Cr3+ replacing a few Al3+ in octahedral sites or Be3Al2(SiO3)6, Cr3+ replacing a few Al3+ in octahedral sites

Taken from March 2007 issue of Chem 13 News.  As a printable pdf: green chemistry for St. Patrick's Day

February 2018 

October 2017

We have a great mole pattern -- an oldie but a goodie.  It is from 1997  from National Mole Day Foundation.  Email Chem 13 News (chem13news@uwaterloo.ca) and we will email you the 3-page PDF with complete instructions.  The great thing about this mole is that it can be cut in half -- 0.5 moles! 

Thanks Melissa Jones, Austin, Texas for finding this in her files and sending it to us. It was her paisley stuffed mole, pictured below, that caught our attention at ChemEd 2017.  Thanks also to NMDF for giving us permission to post it.   

a sewinig pattern for making of a stuffed mole  A stuffed mole made out of paisley material in a 1-L beaker.

September 2017

The photo of the front cover of the September issue front cover of September issue of Chem 13 News with a bright yellow flame and a matchwas sent in by Andres Tretiakov, Science Technician at St Paul’s School in London UK. The photo captured lighting one of his home-made matches. The videos below shows the matches in action.  

March 2016

The chemistry of colour demonstrations

December 2015/January 2016

David Cash's article Acid-base titrations with citric acid: part 1
Part 2 is in the December 2015/January 2016.

Holiday activities from past issues 

February 2015

December 2014 /January 2015

Last year's project -- making a lantern with a pop can and chemistry

Mirroring a ornament  

Elements of Santa puzzle 

November 2014

Want to update your classroom poster with the newly named elements?
Print off Periodic Table Project label and paste it on your poster.  

Andres Tretiakov posted a LEGO cartesian diver he created with the help of a 2003 February article from Chem 13 News.  We thought it was worth posting again. 

October 2014

Mole Day greeting card

September 2014 

Elements of safety puzzle 

May 2014

Described in May 2014 issue and first published in November 2012, some background for the thermite reaction using rusty iron balls

February 2014

Print fun Valentine on Avery 5163 labels for your students. 
Chemistry Valentines labels

In this issue, we had another article on Gummy Bear demo, which included important safety considerations.  The April issue 2010 of Chem 13 News also featured some Gummy Bear Safety.  We caution you to read all the safety considerations if you are considering this demo. CLEAPSS in the UK also have a "Howling /Screaming Jelly Baby"  risk assessment for you to consider. (CLEAPSS is an advisory service providing support in science and technology in the UK.) 

December 2013/January 2014 issue

Mirror ornament photos on the back cover of this issue mirror ornaments for your chemis-treeof Chem 13 News ​were sent in by Andrea Hawkins, Queen of Angel Academy, Dorval QC.  Andrea's students used the Lab: Chemis-tree ornament from the front cover of the December 2000 issue.  

We also have a similar lab with a few extra hints if you are interested. If you email us, we will send you a copy of the lab sent in by Ed Escudero, Summit Country Day School, Cincinnati OH.  Ed's lab had some extra advice, i.e., importance of having the surface to be mirrored extremely clean.

If you do this lab or make any ornaments with your class, email us.  We are planning to make a collection of ornaments for next year. 

Take a look at Psuedo-individualized assignment for VSEPR theory by David Cash's article in December 2000.

Also watch Yehoshua Sivan's simple "steam engine" in action. Learn how to make this in the holiday issue.   

May 2013 -- puzzles

Every issue of Chem 13 News has had at least one original puzzle with great prizes donated by Educational Innovations. Try your hand and two of our favorites.

One is our ever popular crostic by Gerry Toogood.  This puzzle is aimed at the exceptional students and chemistry teachers who love words.  Try to solve our May 2013 puzzle -- A light-hearted crostic

The other puzzle is designed for chemistry students. Have your students try our Mole Maze puzzle from the May 2013 issue. Our goal is to make these puzzles something a teacher can use for a fun assignment, for an extra challenge for a supply teacher, or a bonus after a lab or test.