Planning Committee sitting around table

Since our first official meeting for ChemEd 2013 in May 2012, we have been planning this conference.  Currently teachers, lab instructors and grad students are part of the dedicated planning committee.  

Left to right, standing 
Bill Power, Stacey Willfang, Steve Forsey, Laura Ingram, Heather Neufeld, Jean Hein, Susanne Keppler

Left to right, sitting
Mike Chong, Lew Brubacher, Dara Gilbert, Carey Bissonnette, Sushant Bhasin, Lori Jones

Missing: Sue Stathopulos, Jenn Coggan, Erin Bresser, Rick Marta, Kaitlin Town

Listed below are conference subcommittee chairs.

Jean Hein

Program Chairs:
Carey Bissonnette
Lori Jones

ChemEd Associates 
Susan Kelso
Sushant Bhasin 

Conference Logistics
Sue Stathopulos

Heide Flatt, Steve Forsey

Registration and Conference Services 
Susanne Keppler

Featured speakers and events   ​
Bill Power

So You Think You Can Demo Contest
Jennifer Pitt-Lainsbury

Special Events, Chemicals and Supplies
Stacey Willfang

Heather Neufeld

Mole Day Run
Rick Marta

Jean Hein

Mike Chong
Jenn Coggan

Stacey Willfang
Sarah Quanz

Marguerite Greavette

Heather Neufeld, Angela Swartz

40th Anniversary
Lew Brubacher, Kaitlin Towns

Conferences Advisors
Lew Brubacher, Gerry Toogood, Irwin Talesnick, Diana Mason, Pat Vance, John Eix, John Honek and Andy Cherkas