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This year’s Kids Chem program is jam-packed with fun (and chemistry!). To keep your children busy and engaged we have developed a six session program of creative and educational activities.  

Kids Chem is a program designed to accommodate families at the conference. The program is targeted toward school-age children and will provide entertainment to participants through a number of activities. The program will be composed of six sessions which will consist of chemistry experiments that investigate polymers, pH in foods, phases of matter and more. Also planned is a tour of the University of Waterloo’s Earth Sciences museum, presentations by science outreach organizations and an opportunity to Tie-dye T-shirts. 

The children's enrolment fee is a one-time $30.00 + applicable taxes and each session fee is an additional $5.00 + applicable taxes.  These fees cover the cost of the program including all materials, tours, T-shirt and safety goggles.  Children can also attend ChemEd 2013 social events once registered.

Session 1: Tie dye! (Participants will be provided with a T-shirt as a part of the registration fee.)

Session 2: Participants will get a chance to play with slime in the lab! Polymer experiments such as making plastic from milk and secret writing on Teflon tape may be incorporated.

Session 3: Make your own piece of chemistry themed jewelry.  The science outreach organization SIS logoScientists in Schools will present a fascinating set of hands on chemistry  experiments for the kids.

Session 4: What’s in your food? This session will include a series of experiments to investigate some everyday food items. This will include testing for pH, iodine, and vitamin C as well as making indicator solution from cabbage.

Session 5: Lets talk science logoLet’s Talk Science - Science Outreach organization will provide engaging chemistry activities, experiments and demonstrations for participants.

Session 6: Participants will be given a tour of the University of Waterloo’s Earth Sciences Museum showcasing a wide variety of rocks, minerals, fossils and dinosaur bones! This tour will be followed by fun outdoor experiments.

At this time activities and events are subject to change. As information is finalized it will be update

Materials for the Kids Camp were provided by: 

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