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New Graduate Information


Information for New Graduate Students

Welcome to Graduate Studies in Chemical Engineering!

The information contained on site has been prepared to provide you with an overview of the services and information you will need as you begin your graduate program at UW. Please take the time to carefully review this handout. Any questions may be directed to members of the Graduate Studies Office Administrative Staff.

Graduate Coordinator: Judy Caron (, MASc & PhD Programs, Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 am-4:30 pm

Graduate Studies Assistant:  Bettina Wahl (, MEng Program, Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am-12 noon

Associate Chair Graduate Studies: Dr. Nasser M. Abukhdeir (


E-mail Accounts

Safety Training

UW Student Portal

Campus Map

Fee Payment

Promissory Notes

International Students 

Graduate Research Studentship (GRS) / Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) / Teaching Assistantship (TA):

Enrolment Status Changes


Degree Requirements

Office Space, Mailboxes, WatCard, Parking Services

Student Health Plan, Dental Insurance

Before You Arrive On Campus

You should already have access to Quest and a University of Waterloo email account.  There are step by step instructions as to how you can access Quest and what you can use it for:


  • Quest is the UW Student Information System. You will use Quest to access your student record, enroll in or drop and swap graduate level courses each term, update your contact information, view tuition fees and your account summary, link to online banking to pay your fees, view your financial aid, awards, scholarships and bursaries, link to myHRinfo, term grades, order unofficial transcript, view your class schedule and access the UW Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes.  Note:  you must consult with your Supervisor(s) or Advisor for approval on all course enrolments.
  • An overview, access to information and step-by-step instructions for Quest are available on the Quest website.  If you have any questions about Quest, please contact:

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Email Accounts:

WatIAM is an identity and access management system for phone and email accounts for University of Waterloo students, staff and faculty. The WatIAM account is used by many UW applications and services including Quest, myHRinfo, and WatIAM person search. Your campus email is the primary means of communication used by the University. It is important for you to keep your email address up to date. The Campus Email Address is the official email address the University community will use to communicate with you as a student. To configure your Waterloo email address please visit the Quest E-mail Help page.

  • Regardless of what e-mail address you use, it is very important that you set your WatIAM profile to send your email to the correct place, so that electronic mail reaches you.
  • You are responsible for checking your email frequently and readng all email for important information and deadlines. 

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Safety Training

All Research students must be familiar with the University of Waterloo Department of Chemical Engineering Safety Manual found at

Once you have set up your WatIAM user ID you can preemptively complete the online safety training modules which are required by ChE Safety Program. You must submit the necessary Safety Documents prior to beginning your research work.   

The mandatory Safety Training modules for all Graduate students are:

  • Safety Orientation
  • Violence Awareness
  • WHMIS for Employees
  • Laboratory Safety (not required for MEng students)

In addition, MASc and PhD students must also complete and submit:

  • Researchers Declaration Page (signed by you and your Supervisor, per the Safety Manual)
  • Research Safety Report (signed by you, your Supervisor and Ralph Dickhout – Safety Coordinator)

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UW Student Portal

The UW Student Portal is a mobile friendly tool that delivers information from across campus to students. Students can customize the content that appears in their portal, so they get the most relevant information. You can login to the UW Student Portal as soon as you get your WatIAM user ID set up and start exploring and customizing before you even arrive on campus.

The UW Student Portal is growing and changing each week. There is always new information, new widgets, and new content to be explored.

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Mapped In Campus Map:

Campus map

Before you arrive on campus consider downloading the MappedIn  app for your smart phone. MappedIn and the University of Waterloo have partnered to provide you with a detailed map of campus that allows you to get directions from room to room. Navigating a new space for the first time can be difficult; we want to make your experience as easy as possible. MappedIn is free to download and can help you find your way while you're adjusting to life at uWaterloo. You can download MappedIn for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android.

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Fee Payments:

  • Student Fees:  Student Fee information is available on the Student Financial Services website. There is information on fee schedules, due dates and late fees, how to pay your fees (including Promissory Note details), tax receipts and contact information for questions about your account. Your up-to-date financial account information is available through Quest.
  • The University of Waterloo bills students on a per term basis.  For each academic term you are enrolled at Waterloo, you will need to attain the registered status "Fees Arranged."
  • Being "Fees Arranged" for the term means that you are fully registered (not just enrolled) and that you do not risk being un-enrolled from your studies. You must make your own fee arrangements every term – your tuition is NOT automatically paid by your GRS
  • For instructions on how to become fees arranged and payment options please visit the Student Financical Services website.

It's important to be sure your student account indicates “Fees Arranged”

within one week of payment.

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Promissory Notes:

  • If you're paying your fees in full by the due date, you don't need to submit a Promissory Note
  • In order to use a promissory note for payment you will need to follow the instructions on the Promissory Note website.
  • To use a Promissory Note, you need to enter the amount of funding available to you for the term, on the appropriate line(s) of the form; follow all instructions on the link above very carefully. Then, you attach proof of that funding. Your proof document should include, the term being funded and the amount of the funding. If you're claiming an external scholarship (i.e. not from University of Waterloo), your proof also needs to indicate that the funding is payable to University of Waterloo. PLEASE NOTE: Scholarships and student loans from foreign governments or agencies, employee-reimbursement programs and funding from RESPs are not accepted on a Promissory Note.
  • Submitting your Promissory Note online is the best way to be sure it is received. If you submit your Promissory Note electronically to the Student Finance Office website, your submission will be confirmed with a receipt number and an e-mail.
  • BE SURE TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE COMPLETING THE FORM. Promissory Notes filled out correctly and with all required proof attached will be processed first

Using Scholarships (Waterloo & External), Awards & Bursaries to Pay Fees:

  • Scholarships, bursaries and awards indicated as Anticipated Aid on your Quest account will not be deducted from your account balance automatically. The registered status on your account must indicate "Fees Arranged".
  • If you'd like to deduct the amount of scholarship funding you're going to be receiving during the term from the balance you have to pay the University of Waterloo (as indicated on your Quest student account), you MUST submit a Promissory Note along with proof of the financial aid. You need to do this even if the scholarships are already showing on your student account as Anticipated Aid.
  • If you'd prefer not to submit a Promissory Note but simply have your scholarship amounts refunded to you during the term, you can simply pay the full amount of fees posted to your student account by the due date using one of the stated payment options.
  • Scholarships and awards indicated as “Anticipated Aid” on graduate student Quest accounts will be applied to the student’s account balance during the first week of classes, provided the student's registered status is "Fees Arranged."  
  • A print-out of your Quest account financial page qualifies as proof for any scholarships and bursaries which are indicated on your Quest account as “Anticipated Aid.”

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After You Arrive On Campus

International Students:

Study Permits/Status Changes:

  • International students must provide a valid Study Permit to the University Graduate Studies Office (GSO), NH 2201, upon arrival on campus. Shortly after arriving on campus and becoming matriculated, you will receive an e-mail from the Graduate Studies Office giving you instructions to upload your study permit. You can upload a PDF or an image (taken from your smart phone) of your Study Permit. 
  • If your Study Permit expires prior to the completion of your program, you must submit a copy of the renewed Study Permit to the GSO. International students should contact our International Student Office or Immigration Canada for further details about renewing your Study Permit.
  • If your status in Canada changes (to Permanent Resident/Canadian Citizen), please inform your Program Coordinator in the CHE Graduate Office as well as the GSO as a change in status impacts your tuition fee assessment.
  • The International Student Experience (ISE) provides assistance with Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.), Health Insurance and other helpful information to international students.

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Graduate Research Studentship (GRS) / Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) / Teaching Assistantship (TA):

  • If you will be receiving a GRS or GRA, you must make arrangements to be added to the UW Payroll system by completing the Direct Deposit Form available from Human Resources (HR) located at East Campus Hall (EC1). (Full payroll sign up procedures and information can be found on the HR website). 
  • Payroll: Once the Payroll Office receives the completed payroll forms and payment authorizations, they make arrangements for payments to take place on the last Friday of the month. You will be able to access your payroll information on-line through myHRinfo.
  • Teaching Assistantship – There are teaching assistantships available each term to assist in the teaching, tutoring and marking of undergraduate courses. An e-mail is sent out approximately 2 months prior to the start of the term with application instructions. Students in their first term of study are not eligible for a TAship. Teaching Assistantship’s are not guaranteed for Chemical Engineering graduate students
    • All Teaching Assistants are expected to attend an ExpecTAtions workshop held in September and April each year.  You only need to complete this workshop once.  You may apply for Teaching Assistantships each term, once you have completed the workshop.  Approximately one month prior to an ExpecTAtions Workshop, you will receive an email sign-up reminder sent to all currently registered students.
  • Please note it is your responsibility to provide Human Resources with a valid Social Insurance Number. If you are an International Student employed as a Teaching Assistant or a Research Assistant and do not have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) you will need to apply for an Individual Tax Number (ITN).You will need this to submit your income tax return. If you require assistance with process, please contact the International Student Office

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Enrolment Status Changes:

  • Enrolment Status Changes require department approval and impact your tuition fee assessments. Students contemplating an enrollment status change (e.g., full-time to part-time/part-time to full-time/inactive/voluntary withdrawal) must complete a Graduate Studies Change of Enrolment Status/Voluntary Withdrawal form and submit it to the Che Graduate Studies Office. (This form and other graduate studies forms which may be required throughout your program are available through the University Graduate Studies Office - Forms website).

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  • Enrollment: You are officially “enrolled” only after you have paid your tuition fees and added approved courses on-line using Quest.  To make sure that Quest access is open when you are enrolling in courses, you will need to pay close attention to course drop and add deadlines available on Quest and through the Graduate Studies Calendar – Calendar of Events and Academic Deadlines
  • Course Numbers: Graduate courses in ChE are listed at the 600 and 700 levels.  Depending on your program, you may be required to take certain courses in your first or subsequent term(s) as specified in the contract letter or by your supervisor(s).  Visit the Course Information – Schedule of Classes on the University of Waterloo website for course number, timetables and other details.
  • Permission Numbers: A ‘permission number’ may be required to allow you to add courses through Quest when they are offered by another department.  Please request a permission number as needed from the course instructor.  
  • Course Drop/Add Forms: You may only add graduate level courses on-line using Quest; all undergraduate level courses (500-level or lower) or courses enrolled in with a status of  Audit (AUD) or  EXTRA (XTR), can only be added by downloading the Course Drop/Add Form.  You must obtain the signatures of the instructor(s) and your supervisor before returning the form to Graduate Scholarship Administrator in the Che Graduate Office, who will obtain an approval signature from the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies. The form will be forwarded to the GSO to enroll you in the course.

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Degree Requirements:

  • Degree Requirements by program are available through the Graduate Studies Calendar. Non-course degree requirements, e.g., theses, projects, seminars, comprehensive examinations, etc., are automatically added as “Milestones” to student records and must be completed according to the Faculty of Engineering, Graduate Studies Manual.
  • All faculty requirements information can be found on the Faculty of Engineering Graduate Office website.
  • Academic Integrity Module - The Graduate AIM is an online course that all new graduate students are required to take through Waterloo LEARN. Students must read the information about academic integrity and then receive a mark of at least 75% on an online quiz. You must successfully complete this module in your first The quiz must be successfully completed by end of the 2nd month of term.

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Office Space:

  • Office space is available only to full-time MASc/PhD on-campus students (not part-time, ‘inactive’ or off-campus students).  Office space cannot be guaranteed, but an office desk will be provided when and if there is availability.  In order to obtain office space and access your supervisor’s lab, first please meet with your supervisor.  A Key Contract will be provided by Liz Bevan.  You must provide proof of completion of safety requirements and signed declaration.  Note: before going ‘inactive’ or degree completing, you must return your key(s) to the department.


  • Student mailboxes are located in the ChE graduate student Lounge in E6 5028.  Mail is delivered to the Graduate Lounge mailboxes and filed by the 1st letter of each person’s last name. You are responsible for checking for mail frequently for important notices and to prevent accumulation. 


The WatCard is your one card to access many facilities and services both on and off campus. You can use this card to purchase food, pay for photocopying, and access libraries and computer labs. You may pick up your WatCard at the WatCard Office located in the Student Life Centre (SLC) Room 0107. You must bring photo identification with you. (See the WatCard website for details.) For information about using your WatCard as a bus pass, check out the Federation of Students info.           

Parking Services

If you require parking, please visit or contact Parking Services in the General Service Complex (GSC) or Ext. 33100. For information on lots and cost of parking, please visit the UW Parking website. There is pay parking also available if you are a part-time student.

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Student Supplementary Health Plan

Students are automatically enrolled in a supplementary health plan that provides more coverage than provincial insurance. See the HR Student Health and Dental Plans website for more details including how to opt out.

  • UHIP  - University Health Insurance Plan is mandatory health insurance for all international students. For more information you can visit

Dental Insurance - Any Graduate Student that has comparable dental coverage can opt out of the dental plan provided by Student Care Networks. All you need to do is go to the following website Here select your school as University of Waterloo, GSA (not feds) and scroll over “Change of Coverage” near the top of the page, which gives you a link to opt out of the plan online. You will be charged a fee on your statement each term regardless of opting out, but then a cheque will be issued to you with your full refund on a term basis.

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