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Seminar Attendance

All full-time students in the Department of Chemical Engineering are required to fulfil the milestone requirement of seminar attendance.  This is a requirement that is mentioned in your degree requirements.

Please note that if you are attending a seminar in Chemical Engineering you will not need to use the attendance certificate.  There will be a sign-in sheet available when you attend the seminar. Our Department seminars are announced both by e-mail and as well are listed on the television monitor on the 1st floor above the elevators. Students must arrive on time in order to receive credit for seminar attendance.

You will need to use the certificate to sign in to all other approved departmental seminars. Please feel free to print the seminar attendance certificate below for for this purpose.  Please note that the certificate contains an approved list.

You will also find instructions below on how to upload your seminar attendance certificate to the sharepoint website (  It is the students responsibility to upload all certificates for seminars attended.  If the record is not kept up to date, it may prevent you from completing this milestone requirement. Failure to complete this milestone requirement will also prevent you from graduating.

All other seminars taking place on campus that are not listed on the approved certificate must be approved in advance of the seminar taking place by the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies.  This is currently Yuning Li (  You must e-mail him directly with the seminar announcement, and a short bio of the seminar presenter. If approved, an e-mail will be sent to all graduate students with full details indicating approval.  You may use the form below for that seminar.

Seminar Attendance Certificate

Seminar Attendance Console Instructions