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We offer a number of options to help you fund your studies and to reward entering and current students for their successes. All incoming first-year students are automatically considered for financial awards, and no separate applications are required (with the exception of the Suncor Emerging Leaders Award). Please note that the Engineering entrance scholarships are based upon both admission averages and the Admission Information Form.

In addition to co-op, students can take advantage of the many scholarships, bursaries, and awards available through the University of Waterloo and Waterloo Engineering. For undergraduates entering their first year in Engineering, we offer guaranteed entrance scholarships to students with minimum admission averages of 85%.

Visit the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office to find out about scholarships, bursaries, and loan programs available to our undergraduates.

Options available to chemical engineering students

Note: options often require taking extra courses during an academic term. Students are allowed to take one extra course during an academic term and must have an average of greater than 70% in each of the previous two academic terms.