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Boxin Zhao

Associate Professor

Boxin ZhaoDegrees

  • BEng, Central South University, China
  • MEng, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
  • PhD, McMaster University

Research interests

  • Surface science and bionanomaterials
  • Interfacial materials engineering for advanced manufacturing
  • Biomimicry, biomimetic materials and devices
  • Multifunctional polymers and nanocomposites
  • Biopolymer, hydrogels and healthcare materials
  • Advanced coating and adhesive bonding technology

Much of our work is motivated by the fundamental challenge and by the growing need of bionanotechnologies in advanced manufacturing, e.g. multifunctional 'green" and "smart" materials and processes, additive manufacture or 3D printing.   A major theme of my research has been the development of Interfacial Materials Engineering technology and the exploration of the adhesion, surface forces and associated micro-mechanical properties of polymeric materials (synthetic and biological), sticky fluids (polymer melts, adhesives, pastes, inks and lubricants) in particular, under micro- and nanometer confinements.  In contrast to the interfacial behavior of pure liquids and solids, which have been extensively studied in the century and are well described by the classic thermodynamics and contact mechanics theories (JKR, DMT), these soft materials have highly complex behavior and are not well understood, but they play increasingly important roles in the development of new materials and technologies to address the global challenges in water, energy, and healthcare applications for sustainable economy.

Selected references

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