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Christine Moresoli

Associate Dean Co-op Education & Professional Affairs & Professor

Picture of Christine MoresoliDegrees

  • BASc, McGill University
  • MASc, McGill University
  • PhD, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

Research interests

Membrane filtration processes

Operation of membrane processes is limited by membrane fouling. We are investigating the parameters responsible for the membrane fouling through a systematic mathematical analysis of the transport phenomena and their relationship with the physical characteristics of the feed and the target product in conjunction with experimentation.

Diffusion transport in materials

Diffusion transport is critical in the design of biomaterials and polymeric films. In most situations, diffusion will lead to material stresses. In this project, the diffusing component - material interactions are analyzed through an experimental and theoretical study of model systems.

Enzyme reaction engineering

Study of the enzymes that are involved in complex multiphase processes is critical for the optimal design of the process. Applications of interest are foods, soil bioremediation, wastewater processes and biomaterial degradation phenomena. This project is concerned with the characterization of the key enzyme kinetics and respective activities.

Food proteins and processes

Development of innovative and efficient environmentally friendly food processes is best achieved through the application of chemical engineering fundamental concepts. Of particular interest, is the development of integrated extraction/purification processes for the recovery of proteins from plant materials. Current systems include antifreeze proteins and soy proteins.

Selected references

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University of Waterloo