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Eric Croiset

Professor & Chair

E. CroisetDegrees

  • Dip. Eng., University of Orléans, France
  • MASc (DEA), University of Orléans, France
  • PhD, University of Orléans, France

Research interests

CO2 capture from large point sources:

This aspect of my research involves primarily simulation and economical evaluations of processes aimed at capturing carbon dioxide (CO2), essentially from power plants. After studying a number CO2 capture processes at steady-state (post-combustion, pre-combustion, and oxyfuel combustion), my current interest is on the dynamic simulation and control of such processes. The objectives are twofold: 1) Understand the dynamic behaviour of the CO2 capture plants, in particular relative to the dynamics of the power plant and 2) Assist in the design of power plants with CO2 capture. For this research, I have enjoyed a long lasting collaboration with CanmetEnergy, Natural Resources Canada. Within the Department, my main collaborators on those projects are Drs. Douglas and Ricardez-Sandoval.

Large scale optimization of energy systems:

Although improvement at the unit/vehicle level is extremely important, the actual impact of new technologies is better estimated in the context of large jurisdictions. My work in that regard focuses on power generation, especially within the Province of Ontario. I am particularly interested in multi-period optimization to predict the impact of several factors, such as penetration of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or eventually CO2 constraints, on the fleet of power generation in Ontario over the next 2-3 decades. My main collaborators within the Department on these topics are Drs. Elkamel and Douglas. I am also involved with the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE), in promoting the concept of Smart Energy Network.

Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)

SOFC is a type of high temperature fuel cell, with typical operating temperatures in the range 800-1000°C. Those high temperatures raise a number of problems, including cell stability and higher cost; considerable effort is being made toward reducing the SOFC operating temperature. My main research interests are in SOFC modeling, charge transfer reaction kinetics and development of intermediate temperature SOFC (600-700°C range) using ceria based electrolyte. I am particularly interested in the development of carbon and sulphur tolerant anodes, and on metal supported SOFC.

Syngas/Hydrogen production, Reaction Engineering

I am particularly interested in catalysis for syngas/hydrogen production from a variety of feedstock, such as natural gas, LPG, ethanol, glycerol, etc. Of particular interest is the production of carbon oxides free hydrogen through methane cracking. I have also special interests in catalytic heterogeneous reactions in supercritical water, for example to produce high pressure hydrogen from ethanol or glycerol. I am also involved in a number of other reaction engineering activities, such as methanol production (design at reactor and system levels) or desulphurization using advanced sorbents.

Recent Publications

  • Malaibari Z.O., Amin A., Croiset E and Epling W., Performance characteristics of Mo-Ni/Al2O3 catalysts in LPG oxidative steam reforming for hydrogen production, accepted in Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, March 2014.

  • Tuan A. and Croiset E., Evaluation of an Inconel-625 Reactor and its Wall Effects for Ethanol Reforming in Supercritical Water, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 53(6), 2121-2129, 2014.

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  • Hoon Sub Song, Moon Gyu Park, Eric Croiset, Zhongwei Chen, Sung Chan Nam, Ho-Jung Ryu, Kwang Bok Yi, Effect of Active Zinc Oxide Dispersion on Reduced Graphite Oxide for Hydrogen Sulfide Adsorption at Mid-Temperature, Applied Surface Science, 280, 360-365, 2013.

  • Hoon Sub Song, Moon Gyu Park, Soon Jin Kwon, Gwang Bok Yi, Eric Croiset, Zhongwei Chen, Sung Chan Nam, Hydrogen Sulfide Adsorption on Nano-Sized Zinc Oxide/Reduced Graphite Oxide Composite at Ambient Condition, Applied Surface Science, 276, 646-652, 2013.

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