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Marc Aucoin

Associate Professor & Academic Director WatPD-Engineering

Marc AucoinDegrees

  • BASc, University of Waterloo
  • MASc, University of Waterloo
  • PhD, Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal

Research interests

Baculovirus Bioprocessing

We are currently actively pursuing different ways of characterizing and manipulating baculoviruses to enhance their use as vectors. Is there a need? We believe so. That is also why we are actively participating in the discussions on the development of a standard reference material for baculoviruses. One major aspect that we are investigating on this front is the use of membrane chromatography to better the downstream processing of these vectors.

Biologic Production in Insect Cells using Baculovirus Expression Vectors

One of our biggest veins of this research is to try and gain a better understanding of competition between vectors when multiple vectors are used to produce a single product. How best to look at this problem? We are devising means based on synthetic biology to help us address some of these issues. We are also interested in the level of post-translational modification that insect cells are able to perform. Not only are we interested in glycosylation but also the less investigated process of myritoylation.

Cell Culture Monitoring, Modeling and Simulation – from metabolomics to on-line spectroscopy

We are at a point where we can collect huge amounts of data for our processes but do we use it to it's full advantage?  The answer to this is that even though we can amass a lot of information for our cultures we still do not know what to do with it. We are very interested in this aspect. One area of interest is the wider use of 1D-1H NMR metabolomics in cell culture. Does the increase in information gathered lead to more robust processes?”

Monoclonal Antibody Production and Modification

A billion dollar industry that is based on a therapeutic molecule that is inherently a population of molecules with different glycosylation patterns. Can we create processes that will enhance the monodispersity of the product? This is what we are trying to do. Not only are we interested in insect cells, but we are also interested in more traditional cell lines like the Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells. These cells continue to be the most widely used and still require a significant amount of study to fully understand how they do what they do best for us – make therapeutic proteins.

Selected references

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