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Mark Matsen

University Research Chair & Professor


Mark Matsen

  • PhD, Physics, University of Guelph
  • BSc, Mathematical Physics, Simon Fraser

Research interests

Our research focuses on molecular self-assembly in polymeric systems involving block copolymers. Block copolymer molecules consist of chemically distinct polymer chains (i.e., blocks) covalently bonded together, and they self-assemble because of a general tendency for unlike blocks to phase separate. When this happens, the unlike blocks form microdomains often with some intricate periodically-ordered geometry. Not only do these molecules possess significant commercial applications, they also represent a model system for studying general phenomena associated with molecular self-assembly. This is in part due to various experimental advantages of working with polymeric materials, and also because there exists a highly advanced theory for modelling block copolymers known as self-consistent field theory (SCFT).
The systems that we examine vary from simple melts of diblock copolymer to block copolymers with elaborate architectures. We also look at blends of various block copolymer combinations and blends with conventional polymers and/or solvents. Issues that I examine include the bulk equilibrium behaviour, the behaviour of thin films, defects and grain boundaries, interfacial behaviour, and phase transitions.

Selected references

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